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Dec 14

Germain Declares Future Looks Bright As Team Celebrates the 2010 Championship with Todd Bodine After 4th Finish at Homestead

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Homestead, FL (11-19-2010) – Friday night, Todd Bodine put the No. 30 Tundra where it has been so many times this season – at the front of the field. He led 18 laps and finished fourth in the season finale at Homestead-Miami Speedway. The scenario might sound familiar to fans of Germain Racing and Todd Bodine as the No. 30 Tundra has led laps in 14 races this season and finished in the top-five on 17 occasions, including four victories. When the checkered flag waved the 2010 season to a close after 134 laps of racing at Homestead, the focus for Bodine and Germain Racing turned from winning races to celebrating a great season and their second NASCAR Camping World Truck Series championship.


“Year after year, we consistently win and run up front. It shows the character of this Germain Racing team and what it’s about. To do this year in, year out it shows the character and what we’re all about. We never give up. We’ve had turnover in five years, but Mike Hillman Jr. (crew chief) and Mike Hillman Sr. (General Manager) have a knack for finding good people. We’ve lost good people and they find good people to replace them. In five years we never faltered, we never gave up. Last year, we should’ve given up, but we didn’t, and here we are, champions again,” said Bodine, who is the third driver in Truck Series history to earn multiple titles as well as the third driver to have clinched his title before the season ended


Team owner Bob Germain Jr. explained that this championship, certainly had a different feel than their first title win in 2006.


“In 2006 we were in a position where we were almost expected to win the championship. In 2009, we raced on a week to week basis and I really don’t think it worked very well. So, when we started 2010, we made a commitment to the team that we were going to run for a championship. We made the commitment to run every race. From that point, Todd, Mike Jr. and the guys took over and got it done,” explained Bob Germain, team owner of Germain Racing. “We weren’t expected to win in 2010. But these guys worked so hard every week. We went to the track each week with the best stuff we’ve had in a long time. Mike Hillman Jr. worked through so much this season with personal issues and his injury, but Todd and Mike stayed focused, worked hard every week and I appreciate it. This championship…Mike Jr. had a lot to do with it, I think.”


Bodine agreed with Germain but crew chief Hillman Jr. clarified that the results of this season were the result of a combined effort of team and driver.


“I’m the lucky guy that gets called a crew chief. I’m blessed to be surrounded by the people that I’m surrounded by. Todd drives his butt off every week and gives us 110 percent. It’s amazing what we’ve accomplished. We weren’t sure where Germain Racing was headed when we left Homestead last year. Bob, Steve and Rick told us to go get another championship. They put their faith in us, and we were able to do what they asked for. It’s really awesome to be able to sit here and do this again,” explained Hillman Jr. “My guys on the 30 truck, they poured their heart into every truck we built this season. The pit stops this season were nothing short of amazing and we had great support from people who work at the shop at Germain Racing. This championship is because of all their hard work and I appreciate it.”


Bodine talked about the sense of pride in racing a truck bearing the Germain name.


“We’re proud to be able to go out every week and represent the Germain family with Germain Motor Company on the side of that truck. To be able to come out of here champions, there’s nothing better than for us to be able to do that for them,” explained Bodine.


Team owner Steve Germain summarized the season expressing confidence that the celebration of this second Truck Series championship will not be the last of successes that Germain Racing will celebrate.


“We know the mistakes we made in 2009 and we didn’t repeat those in 2010. There’s no reason for us to go back to doing anything but having a championship team again next year. We’ve got a lot of momentum and we’ve got a great team. So next year I think you’ll see us do even better,” explained Germain. “I’ve never seen a team so determined as the 30 Tundra team this season. They were on a mission. Well, mission accomplished.”


Germain Racing scored four wins, 17 top five and 20 top ten finishes in the 2010 season. By winning four races, they became the second team in Truck Series history to earn multiple wins for seven consecutive seasons.


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Nov 24


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Homestead, FL (November 21, 2010) – Casey Mears and the GEICO Racing team arrived in Homestead looking to put GEICO in the field for their first ever NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at the south Florida season finale.  Mears and the Germain Racing team have proven themselves as a solid Top 25 team and looked to continue their run in Homestead.


On Friday, practice got off to a fast start and Mears would shoot to the top of the speed chart and run in the Top 20.  As the practice came to a close, the #13 GEICO Camry dropped to 39th as the team prepared to head into Sprint Cup Series qualifying late Friday afternoon.


A year ago, the #13 GEICO Camry was sent home after narrowly missing the race, but Mears’ qualifying lap of 30.948 seconds on Friday ensured that it would not happen twice.  The #13 GEICO Camry would line up three spots ahead of Denny Hamlin who would later spend his afternoon attempting to notch his first Sprint Cup Series championship.


When the season finale got underway under bright, clear skies and temperatures in the 80’s, Mears wasted little time moving forward.  Starting 34th, he moved the #13 GEICO Camry into 29th by the close of the second lap. 


When the event’s first caution flag waved on Lap 18, Mears was running in the 30th position and radioed to crew chief Bootie Barker: “There’s no front grip.  The front grip is terrible.”  Barker assured Mears that the team would go to work on the #13 Camry upon his arrival on pit road under the caution flag. 


The following lap, Mears brought the #13 GEICO Camry to the attention of the Germain Racing pit crew and they furnished him with four fresh Goodyear Racing tires, a tank of Sunoco racing fuel and the necessary adjustments to assist with the front grip.  After coming down pit road in the 30th position, the Germain Racing pit crew returned Mears to the racing surface 27th, netting three positions on pit road. 


Just two laps after going back under the green flag, Mears and the #13 GEICO Camry picked up three positions, moving into 24th before the caution flag reemerged when Denny Hamlin was sent for a spin through the infield grass.  Mears stayed out and did not come down pit road, given he had just made a visit two laps earlier.


Mears reached the 23rd position by Lap 28 and Lap 53 found him telling Barker that his GEICO Camry ‘feels tight in the center’. 


Mears brought the #13 GEICO Camry down pit road on Lap 70 for a scheduled green flag pit stop.  He took on four tires and fuel and returned to the race in the 37th position.  Two laps later, Mears had picked up five positions and was sitting 32nd.  A lap later, on Lap 73, he was 31st and he informed Barker that his car ‘is a lot better in the center’. 


Mears reached 30th before the caution flag was displayed on Lap 98.  He visited pit road to receive four tires, fuel and adjustments, as he continued to battle an ill-handling racecar.  After restarting 33rd on Lap 103, he radioed to Barker on Lap 103, “It’s weird.  I’m a little tighter, but I’m not any better.”


Something must have gotten better because Mears began to move the #13 GEICO Camry through the field.  He reached 30th by Lap 124 and then found himself in 28th when Marcos Ambrose went for a spin on Lap 135, once again bringing out the yellow. 


After restarting 28th on Lap 140, Mears jumped to 27th before the caution flag waved just a lap later when Juan Pablo Montoya and Joey Logano found themselves tangled up. 


Mears spent a short time down a lap, but quickly hustled to 26th position on Lap 146 and put himself in the Lucky Dog position – the first car a lap down.  The racing gods showed mercy on Mears and the GEICO Racing team, as the caution flag was displayed on Lap 164, allowing Mears to return to the Lead Lap. 


Although he was a lap down, Mears had been consistently faster than the cars in front of him, so returning to the Lead Lap offered the opportunity to start gaining positions.  He wasted little time.  After restarting 26th on Lap 169, Mears had the #13 GEICO Camry 25th on the subsequent lap.  He then jumped to 24th on Lap 172, 23rd on Lap 181 and was running 21st when the cautionflag came out for debris on Lap 187. 


With 75 laps to go, he was running in the 20th position. 


After the caution came out on Lap 195 when Dave Blaney hit the wall, Mears came down pit road for four tires and fuel.  Barker informed Mears that he would be short on fuel and that he would need to pit one more time prior to the conclusion of the race.  72 laps remained and the #13 GEICO Camry would be able to travel 53 laps on a full tank of fuel.


After restarting 28th on Lap 199, the caution flag came out once again just two laps later when Jeff Gordon’s motor blew on the frontstretch.  Mears took the opportunity to bring the #13 GEICO Camry down pit road to top off with fuel. 


Mears restarted 29th on Lap 206 and began a run through the field.  On Lap 214, he passed both Bill Elliott and Bobby Labonte to move back into the Top 25. 


A week ago in Phoenix, Mears found himself stuck in fourth gear for the vast majority of the race beforehustling to a 24th place finish.  Homestead saw the #13 GEICO Toyota Camry once again battling a gear issue as Sunday’s race wound down.


While running 24th on Lap 233, Mears radioed to Barker that he felt like he lost the driveline and gears.  Barker instructed him to take the #13 GEICO Camry directly to the garage.  No one could have predicted what would happen next.  Upon inspection of the racecar it was determined that the rear gear broke, something that rarely, if ever, happens in racing. 


Mears was out of the race with just 34 laps remaining.  After starting 34th, Mears and the GEICO team would be relegated to a 33rd place finish, a colossal disappointment considering they had run solidly in the Top 25 for much of the day and appeared destined for a Top 20 finish.


While Mears was visibly disappointed, he spoke with big picture vision.


“Something like this is tough because these things just don’t happen; rear gears don’t normally break,” Mears said.  “But it’s racing and I’m sure we all think we’ve seen everything until we see the next crazy thing.  I’m heartbroken for this team because we have worked so hard to get to the point where we are now as a solid Top 25 team.  We have made tremendous improvement since August and I almost wish Daytona (2011) was next week because we keep improving and we feel we’re better than a lot of the teams out there.” 


He continued, “When the season ends it means that Thanksgiving is around the corner and I always think of our troops serving in forward areas.  What we do here at the racetrack each week is a sport, but what our troops do is life or death and they provide the blanket of freedom that we sleep under each night.  Our troops and their families are in Trish (wife) and I’s thoughts as we count our blessings this holiday season.”


Since Mears took over driving duties of the #13 GEICO Camry in August, the team has missed just one race and has consistently finished in the Top 25 each week.  The 2011 season will find GEICO as the primary sponsor for 18 races, leaving an exceptional opportunity for a company to come on-board and complete the season.  The names ‘Mears’ and ‘GEICO’ are synonymous with greatness and a company looking to expand awareness would benefit from a relationship with both. 


Less than three months remain before the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series arrives at Daytona International Speedway to get the 2011 season underway. 


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Nov 24


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HOMESTEAD, FL (November 19, 2010) – Max Papis arrived in south Florida looking to capture a solid finish in the season finale for the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series (NCWTS) at Homestead-Miami Speedway. After starting from the rear of the field due to an engine change and making adjustments on his No. 9 GEICO Toyota throughout the event, Papis brought home a respectable 18th-place finish.


‘Mad’ Max and his Germain Racing team unloaded on Thursday afternoon, preparing for two practice sessions to tune in the handling on their Tundra. The first session showed the No. 9 GEICO truck in the 13th position, but as the green flag waved on final practice, Mother Nature brought an unexpected rain shower into the area. After washing out the night session, NASCAR allowed the teams to come in on Friday morning for a final 50-minute practice. This mid-morning time allowed the team to gain valuable information as they finished 16th on the speed charts.


At the conclusion of final practice, the GEICO team decided to change engines making qualifying strictly a time for Papis to lay down a solid lap, as one truck was being sent home based on speeds. The Italy native recorded a lap of 32.183 seconds, unofficially placing the Toyota in the 13th starting position.


Papis dropped to the rear of the field based on the NASCAR rulebook and took the opening green flag from 36th-place. Within nine laps, Papis gained 11 positions, placing the No. 9 Tundra in the top-25, despite reporting of a loose condition. The first caution of the night flew on lap 31 for a spin in turn two. Crew chief Chad Kendrick brought Papis to pit road for four tires, fuel, track bar and air pressure adjustments. A great stop by the Germain Racing pit crew boosted Mad Max in the 18th position on the lap 36 restart.


Continuing to fight changing handling characteristics, Papis dropped back to 22nd-place on lap 49, which is where the Italian ran until the next caution was displayed on lap 76. Kendrick radioed for Papis to come back to the attention of his pit crew for four tires, fuel, shock and air pressure adjustments. In addition, Papis also returned to pit road to top off with fuel before returning to green flag conditions on lap 81.


Quickly Papis reported that his No. 9 GEICO Toyota was still battling a loose in, tight off condition, hindering his ability to move forward. Papis continued to run in the top-20 despite these handling issues. A Timothy Peters accident on lap 90 brought out the third caution of the 134-lap event.


Showing their resilient attitude, the GEICO team continued to work on Papis’ Toyota, as two right-side tires, fuel, and wedge adjustments were made when the opportunity presented itself. The lap 94 restart showed Papis taking off from the 18th position. A 10-lap run allowed Papis to feel out his truck, reporting that the adjustments had made a little headway.


Using the opportunity to gain valuable track position, Papis remained on the racetrack when the next caution came on lap105. This strategy call – as the leaders came to pit road for fresh tires – allowed Papis to move into the top-five. After a brief red flag for a vicious hit by a fellow competitor, Papis continued to run inside the top-10.


By lap 122, the competitors with fresher tires caught Papis, pushing the GEICO Toyota back to 19th-place with only a handful of laps remaining. The final caution flew on lap 127 and Papis once again brought his Tundra to pit road for four tires and air pressure adjustments. In the closing four laps, Mad Max was able to pick up four positions to bring home a respectable 18th-place finish.


With the 2010 Camping World Truck Series season in the books, Papis and his GEICO team switch their attention to their full-time effort in the series next year, where they will take their shot at the championship. The Truck Series will return to action on February 18, 2011 for the kickoff race at Daytona International Speedway with SPEED carrying live coverage.




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Nov 13

Congrats Are In Order! Todd Bodine Clinched the Truck Series Title in Phoenix!

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Bodine Officially The Champ After Phoenix


Mooresville, N.C. (11-13-2010) - After only 24 of 25 races in the 2010 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series season, Todd Bodine and Germain Racing's No. 30 Tundra crew clinched the championship title. His 12th-place finish at Phoenix International Raceway gave him a 202-point lead over fellow Toyota driver Aric Almirola which locked up the title for Bodine. This is Germain Racing and Bodine's second Truck Series championship title.


“During the past five years, we have been one of the most consistent teams in the Camping World Truck Series,” says Bodine. “I can’t thank the guys on this Germain Racing team enough for all their hard work over the years, both at the track and in the shop. We’ve had some ups and downs since our 2006 championship, but this one is extra special to share with the Germain family, the Hillman family and all the sponsors who have supported us throughout the year.”


The 2010 Truck Series title marks the fourth NASCAR driver’s championship for Toyota since the manufacturer entered the sport in 2004. Germain Racing has given Toyota two of those four titles - 2006 and 2010. The No. 30 Tundra also contributed heavily to this season's Tundra win count of 14 wins in 24 races by collecting four victories so far.


"We have been blessed with a great team of supporters. At the top of the list is the Germain family for having the vision to start this team. And then you go directly to Toyota, because Toyota is the reason the Germain's started this team. Germain Motor Company proudly operates four Toyota and three Lexus franchises, so winning this championship is a win not just for everyone at Germain Racing - in the shop and in the pits - but it's a win for all of the Germain Motor Company employees, vendors and partners that are behind this No. 30 Tundra team," said crew chief Mike Hillman Jr., who has held the reigns for this team through both championship wins.


Germain Racing has enjoyed support from several sponsors throughout the seasons. This year, Valvoline and GEICO both took their turns adorning the hood of the No. 30 Tundra.


"The support of sponsors like Valvoline and GEICO have helped keep this team focused on winning. This championship is as much theirs as it is ours, and we are happy to have been able to turn in such exciting performances as we have done this season for Valvoline and GEICO and for our long-time team sponsor, Germain Motor Company," said Hillman.


Bodine and the No. 30 Tundra team now turn their focus on the 2010 Truck Series season finale at Homestead-Miami Speedway on Friday night, November 19th. The team's four wins is still one shy of their all-time season high of five wins, earned in 2005. You can bet that Bodine, Hillman and all the faces behind the No. 30 Tundra will be focused on getting their favorite race truck, TRD-131, into victory lane one more time. The truck has collected three of the four wins this season and will be sporting a special, updated paint scheme at Homestead.


Watch Friday's 134 laps of Miami racing live on SPEED starting at 7:30 PM ET or tune in to your local MRN affiliate.


Follow Germain Racing on Twitter @GermainRacing or on the web at or become a Facebook fan.


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Nov 11

Driver’s Track is Next for Leader of Driver’s Standings

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  • Bodine Leads the Truck Series Championship Battle by a 230-point margin
  • Germain Racing has 22 Truck Series Victories and Nine Pole Awards
  • Bodine Owns 21 Truck Series wins with Germain Racing and 36 NASCAR career wins
  • Bodine’s 2010 Season Stats include 4 wins, 2 poles, 16 top-fives and 19 top-tens
  • He has 1 Win, 3 Top-fives and 4 top-tens in Trucks at Phoenix


November 9, 2010 (Mooresville, N.C.) - As the 2010 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series season draws to a close, Germain Racing is focused on something other than protecting their lead in the driver’s championship standings. The team is focused on returning to victory lane at Phoenix International Raceway. Todd Bodine likes the Arizona one-mile circuit, and he’ll be driving a winning chassis when he puts the No. 30 Tundra on track.


“Phoenix International Raceway is a driver’s track. There are different corners, different straightaways. You can move around, change your line and make the race truck do different things. We are taking our Darlington race-winner for our Tundra and I’m really looking forward to getting on track at Phoenix,” said Bodine, who saved the truck chassis, TRD-122, from the scrap heap when he wheeled it into victory lane in Darlington in August.


Mike Hillman Jr. says the days of thinking about recycling TRD-122 are long gone. He’s confident this chassis is the right chassis to give Germain Racing a chance at returning to PIR’s victory lane.


“The guys that work on this No. 30 Tundra are really the reason we’re taking this chassis to Phoenix. Todd drove a heck of a race for us at Darlington to get that win, but, it was the work that my guys put in behind the scenes, after hours, never giving up that kept this chassis in winning form,” explained Hillman.


Hillman and the No. 30 team of Germain Racing tested this chassis before Martinsville, then raced it at the Virginia short-track, leading 83 of 206 laps before finishing 3rd.


“With what we learned testing at Little Rockingham and racing at Martinsville, I’m confident this Tundra will be very competitive at Phoenix. This team has put in a lot of time to get the truck to where Todd likes driving it. The truck responds well to the changes we do in practice and in the race. I think this is the most excited I’ve been to take a truck to Phoenix in a couple seasons,” said Hillman.


Bodine has raced six Truck Series races at Phoenix International Raceway. All have been behind the wheel of the No. 30 with Germain Racing and the pairing has produced one win, three top-five and four top-ten finishes. This Friday night, he’ll compete in his 164th Truck Series race when he fires up the Tundra for the 24th race of the 2010 season. Bodine has 725 NASCAR career starts to date.


Watch Bodine in the No. 30 Tundra on Friday, November 12th, at Phoenix International Raceway. SPEED will cover Truck Series practice on Friday at 4:30 PM ET, and live later at 7:30 PM.


Follow Germain Racing on Twitter @GermainRacing or on the web at or become a Facebook fan.


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Nov 11


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Mooresville, NC (November 10, 2010) – Initially scheduled to appear as the primary sponsor of the #13 Germain Racing NASCAR Sprint Cup Series entry for 18 races during the 2010 season, GEICO’s excitement has grown.  After Talladega, the insurance giant decided to add the Texas Sprint Cup Series race and then, after the checkered flag was displayed in Fort Worth last weekend, they began contemplating the balance of the season. 


Late yesterday, GEICO called the offices of Germain Racing and announced that they would be picking up primary sponsorship of Casey Mears and the #13 GEICO Camry for the remaining two Sprint Cup Series races, at Phoenix and Homestead.  GEICO will also appear as a major associate sponsor on the #30 Toyota Tundra of Todd Bodine, who currently has a firm grasp on the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series points lead.


When NASCAR arrives in Homestead for NASCAR’s season finale, the GEICO Gecko will boast a full schedule.  With today’s announcement, GEICO will find themselves on three entries when race activities get underway on the Germain family’s home turf in south Florida.  Aside from the entries of Mears and Bodine, the charming and exciting ‘Mad’ Max Papis will join his teammates, as he pilots the #9 GEICO Toyota Tundra in his final Truck Series race of the season before embarking on a full-time Truck Series schedule in 2011.


After GEICO announced their sponsorship of the #13 Toyota Camry for Phoenix and Homestead, Mears’ face softened and a smile emerged.


“This is great news and I think it says a lot about GEICO’s faith and belief in what we’re doing here; where we started, where we are and where we’re going,” Mears said.  “We’re deeply appreciative of GEICO’s continued support.  It’s been fun to get out there and be competitive every week.  Even in Texas where we had a really tough day, maybe the toughest day we’ve had, we were still able to work hard, stay focused and escape the place with a 26th place finish.”  He continued, “We have a great team of guys here and the Germain family has great belief in what we’re doing, so the atmosphere around the shop is very exciting.”


Mears and the #13 GEICO Toyota Camry will hit the 1-mile tri-oval of Phoenix International Raceway for the opening practice session at 2:00 PM (ET) on Friday, November 12th. Qualifying will follow at 5:45 PM (ET).


The Kobalt Tools 500 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race is on Sunday, November 14th, and it will be televised live on ESPN beginning at 3:00 PM (ET).  The Motor Racing Network (MRN) will carry the live radio broadcast.


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Nov 08


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Fort Worth, TX (November 7, 2010) – As the 2010 season begins to wind down, GEICO driver Casey Mears’ comfort seems to increase.  Since he climbed into the #13 GEICO Toyota Camry in August, he has helped Germain Racing make marked improvement and has consistently performed in the Top 25 each week, as well as improving the team’s qualifying efforts.
Mears’ practice effort in Texas left cause for excitement in the GEICO garage stall.  Although Mears would ultimately end up 36th on the speed chart at the end of practice, he initially shot straight to 5th and then sat as high as 2nd during the 90-minute session.  

When qualifying got underway, Mears took to the track 48th out of the 49 cars entered.  He made quick work of the 1.5-mile quad-oval and put the #13 GEICO Camry in Sunday’s NASCAR Sprint Cup Series field.  Pacing the track in just 28.463 seconds at a rate of speed of 189.720 miles per hour, Mears would start 35th when the cars rolled off the starting grid on Sunday afternoon.
When the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series field took the green flag under bright, sunny skies on Sunday, Mears would roll off of the starting grid in the 35th position.  Although he picked up three positions by the second lap, the day’s problems set in immediately.  Mears quickly radioed to crew chief Bootie Barker on Lap 6: “This thing is plowin’.”
Fortunately for Mears, but not so good for Joe Nemecheck, the event’s first caution flag of the day was displayed when Nemechek’s motor went up in smoke on the frontstretch on Lap 12.  This afforded the GEICO team the opportunity to make the necessary adjustments to the #13 GEICO Camry.  
After restarting 33rd on Lap 17, Mears and the #13 GEICO Camry began to move forward and by Lap 29 they were in the 30th position.  Unfortunately, just five laps later, an agitated Mears reported to Bootie Barker: “It won’t turn. I can’t make anything happen here. The back is getting worse.”
The event’s second caution flag of the day waved on Lap 42, once again allowing Mears to bring his #13 GEICO Camry to the attention of the Germain Racing pit crew.  Once on pit road, Mears received four tires, fuel and adjustments.  He restarted 32nd on Lap 47, but just 11 laps later, running in the 31st position, Mears’ frustration grew as he told Barker: “It’s so tight it won’t turn.”  
Mears, who usually talks little on the radio and generally appears calm, was growing more frustrated as the race wore on.  He was quite verbal throughout the afternoon and despite his concern over the racecar, he remained focused and maintained his position inside of the Top 30.  
Despite the best efforts of the team, Mears would continue to battle an ill-handling racecar for the balance of the race.  A bright spot was the GEICO pit crew who served Mears masterfully, getting him on and off of pit road quickly.  A grateful Mears acknowledged the pit crew’s efforts on Lap 132: “You guys did a good job on pit road not getting us behind on the green flag stops.”  
Mears was then credited for leading a lap after he was at the front of the field on Lap 134.
When the caution flag was displayed on Lap 191, no one could have predicted the drama that would unfold during a single caution period. Martin Truex, Jr., brought out the caution with a spin, but coming out of Turn 2 Jeff Burton planted Jeff Gordon into the wall, drawing a fiery response from Gordon.  As the drivers were making their way to the ambulance, a melee ensued, as Gordon met Burton with punches before NASCAR officials intervened.  Just minutes later, the crew chief of Jimmie Johnson’s car benched his pit crew and ordered the pit crew of Jeff Gordon’s car to the #48 car’s pit box to tend to Johnson’s pit stops.
Although the Lap 191 caution lasted just five laps, it felt more like an hour given the series of events.  Mears restarted 30th on Lap 196 and exhibited marked progress, jumping the #13 GEICO Camry to 27th on Lap 202.  He continued moving forward and reached 20th by Lap 245 before scheduled green flag pit stops began sending the field down pit road for service.
On Lap 327, Mears narrowly missed being a part of the event’s last caution of the day.  Patrick Carpentier spun and Mears was hard on the brakes to avoid becoming collateral damage.  Mears brought the GEICO Camry down pit road and took on four fresh tires to prepare for the final restart of the day.
Mears restarted 29th with just three laps remaining.  He took the white flag in 28th and by the time the checkered flag was in the air, Mears had somehow managed to hustle to a 26th place finish.  Despite the setbacks with the racecar, Mears salvaged an otherwise bad day at the track and transformed it into a resounding success, given the circumstances.  
When he climbed from the #13 GEICO Camry following the race, Mears was succinct and direct.
“It was a bad day that we turned into a good day,” Mears said. “The GEICO pit crew did a good job on pit road and that really helped us a lot.  It’s racing and we’re going to have days like today, but it’s good that we’re resilient enough to keep fighting and not quit.  It came down to the final lap, but we ended on a good note and that’s what matters.”
Texas concludes GEICO’s 2010 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series schedule.  If the last lap of the Texas race is any indication, the future looks bright for Casey Mears and the GEICO Racing team. GEICO will be announcing their 2011 Sprint Cup Series schedule within the next few weeks.
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Nov 06

Bodine Scored 16th Top-Five Finish of Season in Texas

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Mooresville, N.C. (11-06-2010) - When the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series heads to Texas, there's one thing the competitors count on: chasing Todd Bodine around the race track. Friday night's race was no exception. Bodine put the Valvoline Tundra out front for 23 of 147 laps and earned his 16th top-five finish of the season when he crossed the start/finish line in fourth-place.


“Our Valvoline Tundra was awesome. The Germain Racing pit crew was awesome. We pitted for four tires and came out in front for the final restart of the race. I chose the outside line for the restart. I figured momentum would carry the Valvoline Tundra to the lead. Instead, I went down into the first turn and even getting up to speed the truck just bottomed out and pushed," explained Bodine of how the final restart of the race was a preview to the finish results of the 23rd race of the 2010 Truck Series season.


Crew chief Mike Hillman Jr. added some perspective and explained the fourth-place result for the Valvoline Tundra was a fine end to another outstanding trip to Texas Motor Speedway for the No. 30 team of Germain Racing.


"Todd Bodine said it best in his post-race interview with SPEED. Germain Racing did a great job again. Texas is our track. We came here with the Valvoline Tundra and did what we expected to do. We led laps, had a great Toyota Tundra, worked well as a team and we got another top-five finish. It was a good points night and it gives us something to build on heading into Phoenix and Homestead," said Hillman, who was very proud of performance of the Valvoline Tundra.


Bodine explained to SPEED's pit road reporter after the Winstar World Casino 350K that the consistency in his results this season is due to the hard work and never give up attitude of the No. 30 Germain Racing team. That consistency has allowed Bodine to score the best statistics of his Truck Series career - 16 top-fives and 19 top-10’s in 23 events to-date.


"I think the consistency just shows how good our guys are and how good (Mike Hillman) Jr. (crew chief) and the team have been getting the truck setup.  I’ve said quite a few times, the first five races we struggled with making the trucks drive good and then went to work and figured it out and since then these Tundra trucks have been driving great. That’s what allows us to keep that consistency. It just shows how good the 30 team really is,” explained Bodine.


Todd Bodine has led the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series championship standings since the conclusion of race no. 7, in May, at Charlotte Motor Speedway. He has a 230-point margin over second-place and looks to lock in his second series title in the final two weeks.


Next up for Bodine and the No. 30 Tundra is Phoenix International Raceway.  Watch qualifying and racing on SPEED at 4:30 and 7:30 PM Eastern on Friday, November 12th, or tune into the race on your local MRN affiliate.


Follow Germain Racing on Twitter @GermainRacing or on the web at or become a Facebook fan.


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Nov 06


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Fort Worth, TX (November 5, 2010) – A week removed from having his day ended prematurely on the count of a negligent move by a fellow driver, ‘Mad’ Max Papis arrived in the Lone Star state looking to rebound.  A week ago in Talladega, Papis piloted the #9 GEICO Toyota Tundra solidly at the front of the field and aimed to achieve the same at Texas Motor Speedway on Friday night.


Papis and the GEICO team quickly took to the 1.5-mile quad-oval and appeared comfortable through the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series’ two practice sessions on Thursday.  The opening session saw the #9 GEICO Tundra 14th on the speed charts, while the final practice session saw Papis as a respectable 19th. 


With practice in the books and only qualifying remaining, Papis solidified his position in the field when he qualified the #9 GEICO Tundra 23rd for Friday night’s WinStar World Casino 350K NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race.  He toured the facility in just 30.608 seconds, at a rate of speed of 176.424 miles per hour. 


While his teammate, Todd Bodine, is on the verge of winning his second NASCAR Camping World Truck Series championship, Papis has his mind set on 2011.  His final races of the 2010 season are preparing him for his own run at the Truck Series championship in 2011.


Cool temperatures and the smell of thousands of campfires blanketed the racetrack on Friday night, as the green flag waved under clear skies. Starting 23rd, Papis quickly jumped to 20th on the opening lap before a Johanna Long spin brought out the event’s first caution flag of the night.  Just one lap into the race, there was no reason for Papis to bring the #9 GEICO Tundra down pit road. 


Papis would restart 19th on Lap 5 and ride solidly in the Top 20 before the evening’s second caution flag was displayed on Lap 41.  Just one lap later, Papis traveled down pit road where the Germain Racing pit crew outfitted the #9 GEICO Tundra with four fresh tires, a full tank of fuel and a right rear air pressure adjustment. While Papis entered pit road in the 20th position, the Germain Racing pit crew turned him around in astounding time, sending Mad Max back out onto the racing surface in the 14th position. 


The race would once again go green on Lap 49, but just three laps later the caution lights were flashing at Texas Motor Speedway for a crash involving Ron Hornaday, Tayler Malsam and Miguel Paludo.  After just three laps of racing, it was not necessary for the #9 GEICO Tundra to visit pit road.


Papis restarted the race in the 14th position on Lap 60 and by Lap 97 the Gecko was sitting 12th. The #9 GEICO Tundra entered the Top 10 on Lap 98, but the following lap would cause Papis’ demise. 


As he exited Turn 4, Papis’ truck appeared to run out of fuel. By the time he entered the front-stretch it was a certainty.  Papis managed to coast around the 1.5-mile quad-oval and make it to pit road where the GEICO Racing pit crew would provide him with the necessary fuel.  Unfortunately, the GEICO Tundra had stalled and because there was no fuel pressure it would take time to build up the pressure.  Once Papis had the truck re-fired, he returned to the race, but he would do so five laps down in the 26th position; a far cry from where he was running in 10th just a few minutes earlier.


Despite the setback, Papis continued to pick up positions and when the checkered flag was displayed, he recorded a 23rd place finish. The final result was clearly not indicative of his performance throughout the evening. 


“We had a nice run going tonight in the #9 GEICO Tundra, but the fuel problem really ended it for us,” said a dejected Papis.  “I battled a tight truck all night, but we kept fighting and this GEICO pit crew did a great job of getting me in and out. We’re building for next year, we have a new crew chief and right now everything is looking great.  The things that happened in Talladega last week and then what happened tonight is just misfortune, not mistakes. We’re doing a good job and you will continue to see us be competitive and run up front.”


Papis and the GEICO team will take a week off before traveling to south Florida for the final NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race of the 2010 season.


Papis and the #9 GEICO Toyota Tundra will hit the 1.5-mile oval of Homestead-Miami Speedway for the opening practice session at 5:00 PM (EDT) on Thursday, November 18th.  Qualifying will take place on Friday at 5:05 PM (EDT).


The Ford 200 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race is on Friday, November 19th.  The race will be televised live on SPEED beginning at 7:30 PM (EDT), while the Motor Racing Network (MRN) will carry the live radio broadcast.


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Nov 04

Bodine and No. 30 Valvoline Tundra Ready for Texas Return

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 - Bodine Leads Truck Series Championship Battle by 216-point margin

 - Has Earned Four Wins this season, 21 in his Truck Series Career

 - Germain Racing has 22 Truck Series Victories and Nine Pole Awards


November 2, 2010 (Mooresville, N.C.) - Texas Motor Speedway is set to host its second NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race of the season, and Germain Racing is one Truck Series team that can’t wait to unload their hauler at the Fort Worth, TX, facility. Germain Racing has earned wins at Texas in six of seven seasons, including a sweep in 2007 for a total of seven trips to Texas’s victory lane. In addition, the team has two pole awards. Germain Racing’s Todd Bodine has a 50% chance of steering the No. 30 Valvoline Tundra into Victory Lane on Friday night based on his Texas record of six wins in 12 NCWTS races.


“We appreciate Valvoline coming on board in time for our race at Texas in June and we were happy to get a win for them. We hope to get another one on Friday night with the Valvoline Tundra. Valvoline has been an incredible sponsor and ambassador for our sport for a lot of years and we’re proud to represent them,” said Bodine, who led 106 of 169 laps at Texas in June and has led 305 of the 1845 laps he has completed at TMS.


Crew chief Mike Hillman Jr. likes the team’s chances any time they head to Texas, but with this particular race truck, Chassis TRD-131, he is extra confident.


“When we put this race truck on the track for the first time in Nashville this spring, we knew we had a special Tundra. What makes it great is that it responds consistently to whatever chassis setup we throw at it. We’ve won three races with this truck this year, including in June at Texas. We’ll try our best to sweep the Texas races with the Valvoline Tundra on Friday night,” said Hillman.


Texas Motor Speedway fits into the ‘intermediate’ race track category. It’s a track that’s one and a half miles in length, it’s D-shaped, and it’s got a fair amount of banking (24 degrees in the corners and 5 degrees on the straightaways. But of the intermediate tracks, it’s the one that Bodine has been the most successful with and he’s not sure how to explain why.


“Texas Motor Speedway is a track that suits my style, and we’ve always had great Tundra race trucks there which makes it easy to go fast,” said Bodine, who says the team sticks to their weekly plan when they arrive in Fort Worth, despite their outstanding performance record there. “We go to Texas and do our deal like we do every time, every race, it doesn’t matter where it is, we just go. We get the truck driving as best as we can, as fast as we can and we race to win.”


Watch Bodine the No. 30 Valvoline Tundra continue on their mission to secure the second Truck Series title for Germain Racing and Toyota on Friday, November 5th, at Texas Motor  Speedway. You can watch the action on SPEED beginning 8:30 PM Eastern on Friday night. If you won’t be by a TV, set your DVR, and tune your radio dial to your local MRN affiliate. Follow Germain Racing on Twitter @GermainRacing or on the web at or become a Facebook fan.


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