Auto Smarts 5-1-10 "Top Fuel and Top Fuel Mileage on Auto Smarts!"


  If it’s on wheels and you can race it, then Mike Fornataro has probably built it, driven it, or seen it.  The head of marketing and sales at National Trail Raceway  drops by to visit Dan “Boots” Longenette, Lex McAllister, and Randy Rhinehart on Auto Smarts presented by, Saturday from 1 to 3pm on 610 WTVN.  The host of the weekly Bits from the Pits segment slows down long enough to spend an hour with the Auto Smarts gang.  Mike will update everyone on the plans at NTR for this season and talk about Auto Smarts Day at National Trail Raceway coming up on July 24th.  Plus, if you have a question about a classic car or an NHRA related question, Mike, Boots, and Lex can come up with an answer faster than your reaction time at the tree!       Are you searching for a way to find out about your vehicle’s fuel mileage and how to improve it?  Forget it!  Just go to  Sean Fultz is the brain behind this concept and joins the gang to talk about his fuel mileage tracking application and how his user friendly web site, their data rich mobile site, or their convenient text message service are all designed to make it as painless as possible to track your fuel mileage and find ways to improve your gas mileage.

     While you’re putting time and effort into improving your fuel mileage, are you exerting the same brain power to make sure your rights as a new car owner are protected?  Michael Sacks is.  Consumer rights, when it comes to your vehicle, are his specialty in his weekly 1-800-Lemon Law Lemon Aid Minute.  Check out his website at

     Call us during the show at 821-WTVN or toll free at 800-610-WTVN.  We’ll have O’Charley’s gift certificates up for grabs for some lucky callers.   You can always email the show, or listen online at  Check us out on Facebook and Twitter!